New Business Solutions

Tailormade Accounting Packages

Every new company registration has the opportunity to become a corporate entity.  We can offer you a complete solution to get you started.

Name Reservation
New company registration
Shareholder certificates
Registration of company with SARS
Tax clearance certificate
BBEEE certificate (EME)
Workmens’ compensation registration
Letter of good standing WCC
UIF registration
Good standing certificate (UIF) 

All of the above for only R1,895-00                                                       


Other Services
VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF registrations
CIPC returns

Existing Companies  

Name changes
Changes to registration details
Tax clearance certificates
Tax returns
Provisional tax
WCC letter of good standing
UIF – Good standing certificate
Monthly accounting and reporting
Payroll services

Tender documents  

We can assist with the compilation of your tender documentation.

Financial Management, Payroll and Accounting

Whether you need a little bit of advise or a complete package, we are here for you.  


Our financial management team can offer the following peace of mind services:        


  1. Compile management reports that are relevant and industry specific;
  2. Explain the management reports and the critical points to the board of directors / owners / members;
  3. Overview of the financial records to:
  •     ensure correct allocation of all expenses and income
  •     ensure that all returns were submitted and paid on time;
  •     provide better systems of work, internal control measures; and
  •     ensure that all transactions were correctly allocated for VAT purposes;
  •     give financial feedback on the status both cash flow and accounting status (profit / loss); etc.


The financial management team can be contracted in on a monthly basis or when the need

for it arise at a fraction of a full time financial manager’s cost.


Payroll Solutions

We can outsource your full payroll function either from our offices or in the comfort of your own offices.


The payroll intervals are run according to your schedules and specifications.


Payroll services include:

  •     Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly pay roll runs;
  •     Administration of leave (sick leave, unpaid leave, family responsibility leave etc)
  •     Pay slips printed / secure email
  •     PAYE, UIF & SDL return submissions Monthly;
  •     IRP 5 reconciliation
  •     Employer submissions to SARS
  •     UIF forms and administration
  •     WCC declaration, claims and return submissions


Accounting Services

Our expert accountants can turn your slips and bank statements into management reports or financial statements in no time.

We believe in flexibility to suite our clients needs.

Whether you would like to follow your monthly financial progress or you prefer financial statements annually, we can assist in making it happen in good time and with effort from your side, at your premises / ours.


Skills testing and Training Accounting Staff

Our accounting staff is all skilled individuals that are able to assist in all fassets of accounting.  If you need a part time person

to assist in completing a task, or to stand in for someone until they return / you have found a suitable replacement, we can



We can also assist in testing the skills level of your candidate accountant just to give you peace of mind that the person

can perform the duties as required.


Although our SETA training centre is still in process, we can assist in training your staff member in the skills that is

necessary to enhance your employee’s ability.



Tax Services

Our accountants, tax technicians and tax advisors are always ready and at your service.       


  • Income tax advise
  • Income Tax return completion and submission
  • Income tax queries, objections, audits etc.
  •  VAT registrations
  • PAYE, UIF, SDL Registrations, reconciliations and submissions
  • SARS E-filing profile creations and updates
  • SARS Import and Export certificates
  • Income Tax registrations
  • Provisional tax
  • Deregistrations