We go the extra mile to make your information relevant and timeously for decision making. 

IFMA believe in adding value to your business by providing you with up to date, industry and company relevent information, that will assist in the day to day running of your business. We achieve this by:

Getting to know your business, your systems of work
and the industry as a whole;

Provide understandable, relevant reports on a monthly basis, compared to similar periods in your own business as well as trends in the industry;

Making suggestions as to optimization of funds (i.e. investment opportunities etc);

Our Mission:

We strive to add value to your business by enabling you to use the timeous and accurate reports created at your choice of intervals and supported by industry related information and comparisons, to make your business decisions that will distinguish you from the rest of your competitors. At Integrity, we believe in giving our clients a choice. Whether it is monthly accounting, or an annual report, we can accommodate your request.

Tailormade Accounting Packages